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The first part of discovery is disco.

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Not a Fake Kelty
29 December 1917
Calgary, Canada
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Clear Water Academy - Calgary AB CA
Bishop Carroll High School - Calgary AB CA (1998 - 2001)
University of Calgary - Calgary AB CA (2001 - 2006)
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assisi, backpacking, beaches, big rock brewery, calgary choral, calgary flames, canadian comedy, catholic church, chrono trigger, comedy, cooking, cosplay, cross-country skiing, cute guys, dinosaurs, earthworms, field schools, final fantasy, geology, gordon lightfoot, grammar, grasshopper, guinness, harry potter, heroism, hiking, hockey, ireland, irish pubs, italy, jazz music, joni mitchell, judy holliday, katamari damacy, kingdom hearts, lord of the rings, lorne elliot, movies, nicolas steno, olympics, opera, pasta, retro video games, rollerblading, rpgs, sedimentary environments, singing, spices, stan rogers, structural geology, superchick, sushi, tea, the vinyl cafe, travelling, wine, young's double chocolate stout
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