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Neglected LJ.

Poor thing. I really do love you, and cherish you, honestly!!

Well, what's new?

I got married for one. I recommend it, honestly. Waking up each morning and having someone warm there holding me...wow.

The wedding was super fun. Preparations got a little frantic in the last bit before the wedding, but I had a few guiding principles that really helped:
1. Not too expensive...you can spend a fortune on small details that few will notice.
2. It isn't MY day (I actually hate that phrase...), it's a day for all friends and family to have a good time.
3. A corollary of #2: Food, drink, and gratitude to be had in abundance.

And it went awesome. Woke up round 8, met up with the bridesmaids (Anne, Ashel, and Mark's sister Andrea), went to get our hair done. I got a total Deanna Troi hairstyle, and sparkles! And most beautiful of all, the tiara, a gift from Andrea made by her mother out of silver and Swarovski crystal. SO PURDY!!!

Next, makeup at a local salon, all natural products. Then dress-up time, with my junior high principal as personal paparazzi (that was kinda weird, and kinda awesome). Got to the church in good time, and huddled and said a prayer with the girls before being summoned out. They looked resplendent in orange chiffon. Walked down the aisle to Wander, My Friends from Battlestar Galactica (squee!!). Looked into Mark's eyes on the entire walk down. We held hands throughout the ceremony, a couple squeezes here and there. Looked deep into each others eyes as we recited our vows. Processed out to a medley of geeky tunes...Final Fantasy Fanfare, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Top Gun. XD

Cried several times in the ceremony...Dan and Miranda singing the psalm, the 5PM choir singing, the vows most of all.

I loved the receiving line; saying thank you to all of my friends and family who took time on a Friday to come and be with us. I am truly blest with family and friends.

Then photos! Conducted (fairly) orderly, overall. The requisite family shots, and then to Sandy beach for some more varied shots. Finished up in good time, and Mark and I took half an hour to chill in the convertible, just holding each other and relaxing, while the wedding party went to Starbucks.

And then the party started! Lance and Liam were excellent MCs, keeping things moving. Mark's boss' band played the Star Wars cantina bit! Perogies...perogies...and more perogies. Lego sculptures. THE BEST CAKE I EVER HAD. Qapla'!

Our first dance to Mark's brother David singing. So many happy people, and kids running around. Beaning my cousin on the head with a bouquet. Groomsmen sneaking out to smoke cigars. Vicious scramble for the garter. Breaking almost every button on my bustle. Cabbage rolls at midnight. Every 5 steps running into someone who wanted to visit. Towell clan there.

Mmmm, wonderful. Everything I would've wanted it to be, and more.


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Aug. 23rd, 2011 03:47 am (UTC)
awww... what a wonderful day!! I wish I could have stayed for midnight cabbage rolls :D I'd love to catch up and hear how things have been for you lately (I guess next week??? ) all the best for all of the rest of you two's married life :D :D
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Aug. 31st, 2011 09:51 pm (UTC)
There is a video! :D
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