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Bridezilla style wedding reviews...

Reflections on wedding reviews I've stumbled across in my journey through the internet.

Excerpts from a review of Gerbera daisies at Costco:
"No one Should Go Through what I went through on my Wedding Day, ...Some Flowers Came in Broken where we had to Connect the The Stems to the Bulbs with Straws. All the flowers were different Sizes and didnt look proper next to each other. ...We purchased Double the amount we needed and Still Didnt have Enough after damaged and Broken Flowers. Thank God we had an Open Bar - people forgot the Flowers and Had a Great Party... Never Again - but i will never have a chance to make that day over again... Don't make the Mistake - these are Rubbish"

I can imagine a poor wedding guest siding up to the bar, asking for another round of rum and coke ...make it a double...to wipe the memory of mismatched daisy sizes from his memory.

I also ran across one for a bridal gown shop where, and I paraphrase: "The dress-buying experience was so traumatic it made me not want to even get married!!"

...well, if a dress-trying-on experience is enough to make one reconsider marriage, perhaps she should re-evaluate her feelings about her fiance?


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Feb. 11th, 2011 12:26 am (UTC)
You have me rolling on the ground Kelty. I imagine the wedding guest in your first scenario needed that double rum and coke to survive the bride more so than the abhorrent flower arrangements.
I was marginally addicted to bridal TV shows before my wedding. I found them so funny! I couldn't get enough of the women on those programs - all unrealistic and egocentric with overblown wedding budgets. They served as a great reality check every time I became a little squirrely during my wedding planning ;D

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