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All the news that's fit to blog.

And there's not much really.

Mark and I won a trip to Vegas, so we'll likely be doing that for our first anniversary.

I can't believe it's almost been a year, and three years since we've been together. A coworker and I were having a discussion about how people respond to the question "how are you today?". Most people, I've always believed, lie in response to this question. We always respond 'good' or 'fine', even if we're far from it. I've heard a few people respond with 'fantastic' and 'okay', and I always appreciate their honesty, but also their willingness to divulge their true status to someone else.

Anyways I digress.

I replied 'content' when my coworker asked me how I was doing. He asked me what it would take to get from 'content' to 'fantastic'. I thought about it, and realized what could move me up a couple levels: if I was with Mark at that exact moment, I'd be fantastic.


Pagliacci in a minute.

Tonio: Actors are people too.
Chorus: OMG A PLAY!!!!
Canio: It's funny on stage, but irl it's srs bizniss.
Chorus: OMG CHURCH!!!
Tonio: ilu, Nedda.
Nedda: gtfo.
Silvio: ilu, Nedda
Nedda: <3
Canio: RAEG.
Canio: :(
Chorus: OMG A PLAY!!!!
Canio stabs Nedda
Canio stabs Silvio
Chorus: OMG!!!


Neglected LJ.

Poor thing. I really do love you, and cherish you, honestly!!

Well, what's new?

I got married for one. I recommend it, honestly. Waking up each morning and having someone warm there holding me...wow.

The wedding was super fun. Preparations got a little frantic in the last bit before the wedding, but I had a few guiding principles that really helped:
1. Not too expensive...you can spend a fortune on small details that few will notice.
2. It isn't MY day (I actually hate that phrase...), it's a day for all friends and family to have a good time.
3. A corollary of #2: Food, drink, and gratitude to be had in abundance.

And it went awesome. Woke up round 8, met up with the bridesmaids (Anne, Ashel, and Mark's sister Andrea), went to get our hair done. I got a total Deanna Troi hairstyle, and sparkles! And most beautiful of all, the tiara, a gift from Andrea made by her mother out of silver and Swarovski crystal. SO PURDY!!!

Next, makeup at a local salon, all natural products. Then dress-up time, with my junior high principal as personal paparazzi (that was kinda weird, and kinda awesome). Got to the church in good time, and huddled and said a prayer with the girls before being summoned out. They looked resplendent in orange chiffon. Walked down the aisle to Wander, My Friends from Battlestar Galactica (squee!!). Looked into Mark's eyes on the entire walk down. We held hands throughout the ceremony, a couple squeezes here and there. Looked deep into each others eyes as we recited our vows. Processed out to a medley of geeky tunes...Final Fantasy Fanfare, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Top Gun. XD

Cried several times in the ceremony...Dan and Miranda singing the psalm, the 5PM choir singing, the vows most of all.

I loved the receiving line; saying thank you to all of my friends and family who took time on a Friday to come and be with us. I am truly blest with family and friends.

Then photos! Conducted (fairly) orderly, overall. The requisite family shots, and then to Sandy beach for some more varied shots. Finished up in good time, and Mark and I took half an hour to chill in the convertible, just holding each other and relaxing, while the wedding party went to Starbucks.

And then the party started! Lance and Liam were excellent MCs, keeping things moving. Mark's boss' band played the Star Wars cantina bit! Perogies...perogies...and more perogies. Lego sculptures. THE BEST CAKE I EVER HAD. Qapla'!

Our first dance to Mark's brother David singing. So many happy people, and kids running around. Beaning my cousin on the head with a bouquet. Groomsmen sneaking out to smoke cigars. Vicious scramble for the garter. Breaking almost every button on my bustle. Cabbage rolls at midnight. Every 5 steps running into someone who wanted to visit. Towell clan there.

Mmmm, wonderful. Everything I would've wanted it to be, and more.


Well, it's been a hell of a week.

Mark has always had periodic dizzy spells. I was always a bit concerned about them, but they'd pass. Perhaps low iron or something. But then he started noticing his heart was beating kind of strange about two weeks ago. That Friday, he mentioned it to me. I leaned in to listen and heard a distinct irregular heartbeat. My instinct went off: heart issues, to the hospital. Went in to emergency, but they didn't find anything wrong, and he was feeling fine, so they sent us home. We did this again that Sunday night, and again they sent us home.

Last wednesday, he almost passed out at work. His coworkers (who are amazing) got him in a resting position and called 911. The ambulance came and the paramedics finally got a cardiogram of the irregular heartbeat and got him admitted to the Foothills hospital. I got the call at 1pm and dashed up there.

He stayed in the hospital for three days, and they ran all sorts of tests on him, including an MRI. Their conclusion is atrial tachycardia, a non-fatal cardiac problem. They've given him medication to help deal with racing heartbeat, but he still isn't back to normal yet.

I ask for your prayers that he can get healthy and active again soon! And if I'm bailing on things in the next while...please understand.

A post...

Cause I haven't in a while. Yep!

What's new what's new...

Well, wedding planning's coming along steadily. Venue's kinda booked, priest is kinda MIA, rings haven't been bought...uh, maybe not as steadily as it should. No, I jest. Things are going well in that department.

We finished marriage preparation classes with my aunt and uncle, a couple who's relationship is a constant source of inspiration to me. Like any couple, they've had their ups and downs, but they've worked through things, and even now, years and years into their marriage, they laugh at each other's jokes. Hard. They definitely gave Mark and I lots of good advice. 

I told my doctor I was getting married, and he had a thoughtful look on his face for a split second and said "I like being married. It's good." He then told me his advice: there's 10% of a person that will annoy or irritate you. When that 10% comes up, you have to remember the 90% that's awesome, to keep the whole person in mind. Then all is good.

Anna took Mark and I out to Drumheller for an engagement photo shoot. It was so much fun! Anna's so good at what she does. She really gets you relaxed and laughing, and I just love how a photographer can find things that look really really cool in a photo which most of us would just walk right on by...a brick wall, an old shed, a dead tree, a random bit of concrete. Yay for artists: the world desperately needs them to see the beauty in daily life, to tell a story through an image, to make us pause and reflect, if only for a moment.

Other stuff in life...sports have started, my legs are dead. Jenna and Chetan have welcomed little Kris, who I can't wait to meet. Hope Akash is being a good big brother!! Ashel, Anne, and Mike are gallivanting somewhere in Africa, having outstanding adventures. I can't wait to see them again and hear their stories!! Mom's doing good, all excited about the wedding. She's having her dress made.

Downtown Calgary is weird right now. Some companies are uber busy, some are uber quiet. It's a weird weird place. Please, natural gas price, go up. Pretty please?

Farewell, PSOne. It's been a slice.

So I have a buyer for my PS1 and JRPG collection bundle. I know that I'm giving him a bit of a deal, but I'm too lazy to sell the games on Ebay...and I did get the PSone for free too...but it feels like I'm tearing something away.

Each game was chosen with precision, and played with care, and selected so that it might just increase in value over time...

And now, I don't really care.

Final Fantasy VII

Ah Cloud, Sephiroth, I bid you adieu. The story was so epic, so grand, so incomprehensible. Something about green stuff destroying the world, or a meteor destroying the world, or Sephiroth destroying the world...I'm actually not sure. I'm also not sure what happened at the end, or how that red dog cat thing had offspring asexually. But now I leave those questions aside, and wave goodbye to your strange localization and biceps shaped like triangles.

Final Fantasy VIII

Let's face it. I never liked you. I used a cheat to see the end. Spoiler: Squall smiles.


Apparently you were epic. Apparently, you kill God. I stopped caring around the title screen. Also, apparently you were worth a lot in 2003. I should have sold you sooner.


Five minutes! I was stuck in five minutes! You know how stupid that made me feel? I'm a scientist, dammit! Bye.

Star Ocean: The Second Story

Why is levelling up all I could do? Why do all your voice actors sound like they have a terrible head cold? Why do you have voice actors?

Legend of Dragoon

You had a villain named Lloyd. LLOYD. Not indimidating. And who died? Was it Lenny? I'm certain there was a Lenny in there somewhere. I went and read the Wikipedia entry on you to try to remember the plot. It was incomprehensible. Something about artifacts and winglies and villains and dead people coming to life (apparently Lenny did) and Moon Children. Don't let the door hit you as you leave.

Final Fantasy Chronicles/Anthology

I have a better copy of Chrono Trigger and FFIV now. You may go.

Final Fantasy Tactics

DIE IVALICE. Apparently I'm not mature enough to understand games set there. Because I like things like plot and characters. Oh yeah, and not dying.

Chrono Cross

You were so utterly awesome...gameplay, variety of characters, music, villain...I would have liked you, except you were supposed to be a sequel to the Greatest Game Ever, and you just couldn't compete. Also, you stated that my favourite characters from the Greatest Game Ever were all dead. DEAD! You know what, I hate you, go away.


Bridezilla style wedding reviews...

Reflections on wedding reviews I've stumbled across in my journey through the internet.

Excerpts from a review of Gerbera daisies at Costco:
"No one Should Go Through what I went through on my Wedding Day, ...Some Flowers Came in Broken where we had to Connect the The Stems to the Bulbs with Straws. All the flowers were different Sizes and didnt look proper next to each other. ...We purchased Double the amount we needed and Still Didnt have Enough after damaged and Broken Flowers. Thank God we had an Open Bar - people forgot the Flowers and Had a Great Party... Never Again - but i will never have a chance to make that day over again... Don't make the Mistake - these are Rubbish"

I can imagine a poor wedding guest siding up to the bar, asking for another round of rum and coke ...make it a double...to wipe the memory of mismatched daisy sizes from his memory.

I also ran across one for a bridal gown shop where, and I paraphrase: "The dress-buying experience was so traumatic it made me not want to even get married!!"

...well, if a dress-trying-on experience is enough to make one reconsider marriage, perhaps she should re-evaluate her feelings about her fiance?

D's got an LJ!

Peeps, Danielle got an lj. Add her here!!


Wedding Planning...

So, wedding planning in full swing. Time to rant, of course! :D I joined the wedding website The Knot for ideas and whatnot. It provided me with an enormous checklist of to-do items to make sure my special day is as perfectly perfect as possible. Some of the items on the list irritate me.

Cases in point:
- get engagement ring appraised
Alright, I understand this is for insurance purposes...but rings are highly sentimental to me, in fact, one of the rings dearest to me cost about $10. I know this is a pragmatic step, but it seems a little mercenarial to me.

The Florist checklist:
- It's wedding flower time! Set up appointments with wedding florists in the area to discuss options.
- Set up florist appointments to discuss options.
- Decide on a florist and send a deposit to reserve their services.

These three just bug me. Do you really need three checklist items for flowers? Or that could be me. I really don't care that much about flowers period. They're pretty. That's about it. ;) If I had three appointments with florists I'd go mad.

All in all, I know I'm picking at details here. And the checklist is supposed to help the bride remember little details that are important to make the day less stressful. But having sung at a lot of weddings, it seems that many weddings have changed from being a celebration of a couple's life together and more a narcissistic display of princess-dom. Read reviews of wedding dress shops in Calgary to see what I mean...man people are high-strung about weddings. I'll probably rant more about this later. And then someone should do the world a favor and kick the soapbox out from under me. ;-)


I've been running this movie in my head since I saw it, and I haven't done that with a movie since I saw the Lion King...

I loved that aspect of it so much...the selflessness of Eugene's action, sacrificing his life so she can have one. Especially when paired with Mother Gothel's claim that outside the tower Rapunzel will only encounter selfishness, where in reality that selfishness was what kept her in the tower, and selfishness set her free...

Another pair of reasons why I'm obsessing over this...I'm getting married in June, and I'm reading lots about good relationships...and reflecting on my parents' broken relationship, which is in divorce courts right now. It really is selfishness that ultimately is the undoing of a relationship, and pure selfless giving that gives love its excitement, edge, and reality.

<3 tl:dr, I really really really want to see Tangled again. :D